After Death


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Erik Thorkildsen
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Erik Thorkildsen Rats is sick. Davis did a great mix on this. Favorite track: Rats.
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Recorded at The Space

Mixed by Davis

Mastered by Audiosiege


released February 20, 2015



all rights reserved


WITHOUT Niagara Falls, Ontario

WITHOUT is a defunct project.

Thanks for listening.

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Track Name: Failed
*Child of God intro*
I am a true child of god
Thoughtless, brutal and severe
Devoid of meaning
Signifying nothing
I am a true child of god
I will tear you down


All is blackness and quiet
Agony clouds whats left of my brain
My appearance now made to match
What lives inside
A failure in death as well as life
Horrible, twisted and broken
I have failed.
Staring out a bloody haze
Of scattered teeth and flesh displaced
There is nothing left.
I am now where you soon will be
The frozen hand of death
Will seize you all in time
Hatred of self compels me
I feel a deeper need to silence existence
Track Name: Rats
A godless cause, I campaign
A million crosses, A million names
And I can sense the fallen ones
Lost in the heat of fallen bombs
The fog of war encircles me
Kill them all and live peacefully forever

A million crosses, a million names
We are bound for the grave
I see my place amongst the dead
The ground remains an open maw

Run you rats, through the maze
Though you wont see the end
Build a castle, start a family
Fill the earth with trash and
Keep your head down through the days
You don't understand
Your freedom is restricted
By the administrative hand

Kill them all and live peacefully forever.

Another concrete grave
A flag atop a casket
Or walls to keep the hate contained
The price you have to pay
Another fucking slave