Only Death Is Real


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Here's two songs. More soon.


released November 24, 2014

Recorded at the space by our fucking selves.

Artwork by Alex Pak -



all rights reserved


WITHOUT Niagara Falls, Ontario

WITHOUT is a defunct project.

Thanks for listening.

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Track Name: Endless Nothing.
I've seen depths you've never dreamed
No longer searching for a human in this being
I was made to be ruled and confined
I was born to kneel
Hanging by a thread
In a vacant state
Sleep deprived and starving
Shuddering at the movement of your leaden fist
When I think of you, I think about how I have nothing
And everything I've built is broken.
I no longer have the will to survive
A nameless void languishing as an endless nothing
I have become what I most fear
The urge to shed my sanity pulses in my mind
How can I believe in what I see?
I am truly obedient to a nightmare reveler of madness unknown,
Of all that is and all that will be.
Paranoia consumes me.
The tree of life has gone barren
And its rotten fallen fruit rolls sadly among the fallen leaves.
I watch the colours change.
Track Name: Cold In The Ground.
Carry the guilt
Numb to the shame
Of all of the lives
Crushed in my wake
My ears hunger for your cries of hate
I'll live with the guilt
You'll carry the shame
Your function to me like christ on a cross ascending
Cold in the ground, I am beyond the judgement of the living
Though your hearts burn for revenge
Your function to me like christ